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The Completion (Feminization Version) Review by teena

Sissy. The word drips with contempt. Boys use it as a weapon against other boys, and all of them grow up to loathe and fear such an association with themselves. Even if the boy feels some affinity toward feminine things, he soon learns to run as fast and as far as he can from such feelings, lest it be found out and he be relentlessly tormented by his peers.

Dominant females often use feminization to humiliate and control a man and in the end… they use it to denigrate and destroy him. “You are not a man, you are a sissy, a wimp, a pathetic loser!” The taunts tear a man down, shame him, and break his very soul.

I’ve often thought it ironic that any woman, dominant or otherwise, would use femininity as a slur. Are these women who do this not attacking their very selves? The message at the heart of all of this is: “Femininity is bad. It is less. It is inferior.” How counterproductive is that? Continue reading

The Reinforcement (excerpt only)

Here is a brief excerpt of My latest study, The Reinforcement…

(This video is not a full trance, just an excerpt) The Reinforcement only intensifies these preliminary studies by re-programming all the triggers, anchors, and mental states induced in the earlier studies. The purpose of this study is not only to reinforce triggers, but to take the subject far deeper than any previous study. If you are a pure hypnosis fan, this one is good for you, because it will drop you harder,deeper and longer than any other of Goddess Cathy’s studies. This study utilizes a radical combination of high quality audio, NLP, sound effects, binaurals, subliminals, original background music tailored specifically for the trance. (length: 30 min) To get the full-length mp3 go here.

The Archangel of Shadows (Warcraft Fiction) by Derrall

“Come, do not fear little one.”

I jumped, startled as it took me a moment to grasp my surroundings.  There I was, just a rogue in a hunting party.  Our small troupe consisted of dragon killers, or so proclaimed by mass popularity due to our prestige in battles.   Our leader, fearless and weathered – lead us off the beaten path to a more direct path towards our destination, a fishing village terrorized by the spirits of the deceased.

Sadly, the path he choose was through the woods.  There was no inn or tavern to be found; no merry melodies or sweet Meade to sooth our exhaustion.   It was in the frozen forest we camped.  Devoid of life at nighttime, for fear of what lurks in the dark.  The dying embers of the flame that kept the troupe in formation slowly wrought to nothing.  Still midnight, I thought to myself as my eyes closed, and I started to drift yet again…after this mission, a day of drink and song to follow.

“Come now, I am waiting for you” Continue reading

Goddess Cathy Venus – The Inception (excerpt)

Goddess Cathy brings you on an innovative journey that no mere hypnodomme has ever attempted. Based on both themes from the Motion Picture “Inception” as well as previous lessons from Goddess Herself, this study will only be enhanced by re-watching the film, or reviewing Her studies of course. Are you ready to take a leap of faith? Then come away with Goddess Cathy as your mind knows She is the only hypnotist who can actually perform inception on you; the act of planting the simplest idea deeply within your unconscious mind….an idea that may change your whole life forever. Explore the concepts of shared dreaming, as well as dreams within dreams, all woven together in a totally high-quality, innovative blurr of NLP, hypnosis, entrainment, and sensuality.

This is only an excerpt for promotional purposes. To hear the full length study, go here.

Goddess Cathy Venus – The Puppetry – Exhibition of a Hypno Slave (excerpt only)

The premier audio journey in high quality mp3 format by Goddess Cathy Venus. This study takes into account the three preparatory video studies (The Ensoncing, The Gift, and The Entrapment) and utilizes various anchors and triggers from these, so for subject’s benefit it is recommended listening before downloading this study. The Puppetry will transform the subject into a fully public, well-controlled, unabashed puppet hypno slave, and will create and reinforce an eagerness to serve Goddess Cathy. (21 min)

This is only an excerpt for promotional purposes. To hear the full length study, go here.