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Goddess Cathy Venus

Take your studies even further with an interactive one on one session with Goddess Cathy Venus.

Goddess Cathy Venus performs a live, one-on-one personal Hypnotic trance session with you. The live sessions feature interactive “rebooted” totally rewritten, longer versions of Goddess Cathy’s studies (1-7). It is best and most effective to study the originals first before booking a live session. (Subject should book live trances in study order, suggested conditioning is spending 2 sessions on each. ) But not to worry. If this confuses you, simply pay for your booking now, then Goddess Cathy will contact you via email directly to discuss date, time, and which interactive trance will be best for you.  (standard session is 1 hour for $2 per min, or $120)

NOTE: you must pay to reserve a booking.

Any questions, email Me at [email protected]

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Also available:

Have your session recorded: ($40 extra)

Textual trance sessions ($1 per min)

Video Sessions ($3.75 per min, 1 hr minimum)


We're not around right now. But you can send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap.

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