I have something to say to My fans, friends, and followers alike. This is not an easy post to make. For about 4 years I had a slave and follower here named michael. Many of you have seen him posting here and twitter, spreading My gospel. Well, all things must come to an end, and this was no exception. michael and I are still friends of course but his real life has dictated that he must move away from the online world at this point in time. He is both a dedicated husband and father, and that is where his devotion is needed now.  The Fearless Hotties, if W/we existed, would wish him well in his life’s pursuits. 😉 He was mostly a good boy, although he had some slip-ups at times – lol. He loved his maker and did his best always. His Confessor always saw the truth.  He will be missed, but he will not be a member of My committed following any longer. My teddy bear has been freed…


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