The Constrainment is the 9th official study by Goddess Cathy Venus, and is for all genders. Be forewarned: this is Goddess Cathy’s darkest file yet to date. This induction will take over where the Entrapment left off, and is nothing short of hardcore, mind-blistering hypnosis. If you enjoy some vampirism, bondage, and mind-fuckery with your Erotic Hypno, then you have come to the right place.  As opposed to the previous study, (The Reclamation), The Constrainment will hit you with a barraging choir from within the ranks of the mysterious Fearless Hotties, who only seek to further the cause: to take Goddess Cathy’s subject even deeper and for a longer period of time. With additional assistance by new protege Goddess Hitomi Kanzaki, Goddess Cathy will gently usher you down safely, only to take you somewhere you have never yet gone, perhaps even somewhere dangerous. If you are worried about the power of Goddess Cathy’s intense mind control, perhaps this study is not for you. However, if what you seek is to be completely hammered and more thoroughly devoured, then you will crave this file, again and again!


This study utilizes a radical combination of high quality audio, NLP, sound effects, binaurals, subliminals, additional vocalists, as well as original background music tailored specifically for the trance.  (length: 42 min) buy it here


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