When Goddess Cathy Venus began your journey, you were assigned three 10 minute long studies, or inductive trances, as preconditioning for all future work. Now, for the first time, Goddess Cathy revisits them, bringing forth full-length, completely updated and recrafted studies to take you to the next level. Each of the three contain an additional trigger, which will be utilized in post-hypnotic work. Goddess Cathy’s protege Hitomi Mercuria is featured, as well as the usual multiple layers of subliminals, binaural tones, original music, & sound effects. Goddess Cathy Venus retakes you on a journey with a holiday twist. This is the second step into a very different world of Erotic Hypnosis. Goddess Cathy, with the help of protege Hitomi, will show you how it’s done. This is a journey deep inside your own self, delving into your own submissive spirit. You will all but disappear into Goddess Cathy’s warm and knowing bosom, and learn what you truly are inside. After all, there is barely any Hypnosis without Goddess Cathy.

The Gift 2.0: 


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