The Reinforcement

The Reinforcement

Goddess Cathy has laid out three basic introductory studies for all Her followers. They are:

The Ensconcing(#1), The Gift(#2), and The Entrapment(#3).
These can be found for free on YouTube or purchased as high-quality audio or video files here in our store. The Reinforcement only intensifies these preliminary studies by re-programming all the triggers, anchors, and mental states induced in the earlier studies. The purpose of this study is not only to reinforce triggers, but to take the subject far deeper than any previous study. If you are a pure hypnosis fan, this one is good for you, because it will drop you harder,deeper and longer than any other of Goddess Cathy’s studies. This study utilizes a radical combination of high quality audio, NLP, sound effects, binaurals, subliminals, original background music tailored specifically for the trance.  (length: 30 min)

audio sample here

go here to buy it 🙂

Friends and Family! Please support all I try to do here by purchasing My new study. I assure you you will not be disappointed! This one is for the hardcore Hypnosis Mind who wants to drop hard and stay gone, invisible, and trapped under My spell! Not for the weak of heart!!!

I love you A/all, and please post any feedback or reviews here OR on my regular blogsite.




Goddess Cathy xoxo

  1. Matthew 9 years ago

    This is a “don’t miss” work! Trust me when I say that you will be impressed and thrilled by The Reinforcement!

  2. teena 9 years ago

    I want to write a review but I don’t think I can yet. The first listen left me warm, fuzzy, and happy, but wondering where 30 minutes went, and able to remember only vaguely much of anything that happened. Hardcore hypno fans- this is it!

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