There once was a girl who lets say was very hard headed and stubborn. She was young and had all the answers to any and everything around her. Nobody could tell her anything and for a while everything was good.This girl had the whole world in hand. Over time tiny cracks in her world started to appear and for once her answers couldn’t save her. Instead of just asking for help when she could, she let her world slip through her fingers and her castle crumbled. All that was left was a lonely girl and a broken throne.

The happy girl who used to have it all was now surrounded by nothing but darkness. Months passed by and this girl was still trapped in the dark. Bottled up with fear and depression, she knew where she had to go in order to escape her lonely reality. The only question was how to get there? For once in her life, she didn’t have an answer.


With her plan all figured out, the girl set out on her risky and dangerous mission. Stepping out of the darkness was the most terrifying and dangerous one of them all. Living in the shadows had made her more paranoid for one false step would end her journey before it even began. Walking into her kingdom to no stares was a new experience. Instead of a hated queen the girl was now just another subject. The mask and cloak hid her but it was the darkness that changed her. Nobody bothered her and she was able to go about her business without feeling her every move was being watched. This was nice for the girl but in her mind she knew this was temporary.

Her throne was still there and while she watched it, the throne watched her. Something would have to give in. The girl knew her clock was ticking but this time she didn’t fear it.

Before the girl stood two options. One dark and one bright. One wrong and one right. It was a choice she was faced with once before in her life. It is easy for the girl to say it was her pride and not her heart that choose the dark path the first time, but she knew that to be a lie. She lived in darkness because that is what she wanted, what she deserved. Her heart had become cold and steel like. Anger consumed her. Depression defined her. Picking anything else at the time would have done nothing to remove these feelings from inside of her. Now, many months later,  faced with the same hard yet obvious choice the girl could see two different futures forming. There was the path of darkness once more. The first time she walked this path was one of the most frustrating periods of her young life. Each day became another cold reminder of the past. But there was always that one tiny spark inside her that hoped her journey would have a happy ending. This future no such spark existed. There would be no coming back. She knew that choice would be the last chance she got. The world would continue without her but the bond between two people would forever be broken. The girl also saw the possible future making the right choice would bring. A new start for the girl. A lost connection would grow once more. An empire would be reborn. There would be no more running. No more hiding. The girl would love once more. She would be loved again. With her eyes closed the girl felt a kiss on the cheek and her choice was made before her eyes could open.

The girl was happy once more. For the first time in what felt like a lifetime she truly felt as if everything was going to work out. There would be battles, but she was prepared to fight. There would be arguments but she was prepared to face them. There would be wars and she was willing to be on the front line


Her time in darkness helped her grow while her time hiding in plain sight reminded her what she grew for. Now, here she was back in her throne and not alone. Her choice transformed her from a single person into a team of two. There was no denying that this was the right choice. The girl had none of her usual doubts or concerns. All she could think of was that this is right. This is my home. My kingdom. My team. Just like that the game had changed, again.

The differences between the two said they should never be together. One outgoing and one more reserved. One comes from Mercury and the other from Venus. One the Goddess and the other is the outcast. The girl could never explain why they worked so well together. Countless individuals attempted to drive them apart over the years, herself included. Despite calling herself the girl on fire, the odds were hardly ever in her favor. The girl had finally overcome those obstacles once and for all.

She battled and defeated her demons. The girl was at peace with who she was. There was no magical transformation for the girl.  It was her destiny to be different. Being strange was just who she was. Who we all are. Her story was not over but the girl was finally closing this chapter in her life. The throne was back and stronger than before. The two inhabitants will spread their empire to new and uncharted corners of the universe and retake areas that have been lost in time.  With one last look at her past the girl was finally looking into the future. What the girl saw was unlike anything anyone could ever imagine. No more shadows and she was ready. She felt strength returning everyday. The throne was back. Watch and see ~ii~


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