I awaken to find myself kneeling on the floor before my Goddess. I have no idea how I got there, what I was doing, why I was on the floor. I can’t even remember waking up that morning. As soon as I look up and see her smile though I know it doesn’t matter. I smile dreamily back and my mind loops the single thought ‘I will obey’. I will obey. I will obey. I will obey. I will obey…

“Do you remember how you got here slave?” Goddess asks as she gently runs her hand through my hair.

I open my mouth but find myself unable to speak. I try hard but it’s as if my ability to speak has been removed. I look up again to see my Goddesses smile widen. I shake my head, I do not remember how I got there.

“Good. Do you know why you are dressed like that?” She asks me.

Again I shake my head as I notice my little uniform, if it can be called that. I look more like the porn parody of a maid than the professional I am.

“Forgetful one aren’t you slave” Goddess tells me.

I nod slowly. Normally I would be scared but I have known for a long time I exist only to serve Goddess. If she did not wish me to remember something then I would not.

“Kiss my feet” She commands.

My back arches down and my lips are on her feet before my mind can even process the order. Instinctive obedience.

“Good slave. Stand and turn around” Goddess tells me with a mischievous grin.

I stand and turn and I see what looks like a large mirror. I wonder why I’m looking at this when Goddess snaps her fingers and suddenly… My thoughts vanish. I feel nothing. I hear nothing. I see nothing but the mirror. Mind blank. Mouth slightly agape. Staring at my own reflection and seeing Goddess staring back at me.

“Good girl. Your subconscious remembers what your conscious does not. Isn’t that right?” Goddess asks.

I make no reply. Standing still as I look into the mirror. Not a single thought able to form even as Goddess moves behind me and slips her arms around me.

“As fun as it is when you resist I still win in the end” She says with a smile, talking more to herself than to the unthinking me in front of her.

Goddess waves a hand in front of my face and then closes my mouth for me. She swiftly unbuttons the shirt I’m wearing to reveal my braless breasts. Again I do not react nor am I capable of doing so.

Next her hand moves between my legs and she laughs happily.

“Wet little slut!” She comments.

She bends me from my hips until I’m bent over like some oversized barbie doll. My head still kept in place staring at the mirror though. Goddess poses me a few more times before she snaps her fingers loudly…

I blink rapidly and reach up to rub my eyes. I notice my undone shirt and start to rebutton it when Goddess reaches to my hands and stops me.

“Take it off” She tells me instead.

I remove the shirt to reveal my bust and she spins me to face her. Her smile delights me and I smile back before gasping as her hands reach my breasts. Gently pinching, teasing, squeezing. Making me moan.

“You are a good little concubine aren’t you?” Goddess tells me as I gasp and groan.

I nod.

“Want to worship at your Goddesses pussy?” She asks.

I nod eagerly before she takes a seat and commands me to my knees. I crawl over to her and she spreads her legs for me revealing her beautiful pussy. The scent of her sex alone makes my mouth water. I move my fingers to her pussy when she commands me to stop.

“Tongue only. If I wanted fingers I could do it myself!” Goddess tells me.

I nod and put my hands on her legs as my tongue moves relentlessly towards her sex. The first taste of the entrance to her sex is heaven itself. I moan into her and begin to slowly move my tongue along the edges of her pussy. Gently teasing it. Her moans encouraging me.

“Yes. That’s it. Worship my sex” Goddess groans.

My tongue heads towards her clit and as it reaches it I swirl around the tip of the sensitive nub. Making it twitch and pulse with need. I look up to see Goddess gently massaging her breasts as she watches me. Her powerful eyes bearing deep into mine for just a moment before I look away. I couldn’t afford to get lost in her eyes, I had a task to perform.

My tongue finally reaches her clit and Goddesses body shudders at the contact. I smile slightly at the pleasure I am providing. Soon I am rapidly flicking my tongue across the tip of her clit and her breaths become deep and ragged. Just as I begin to press my tongue deeper onto her clit she moans suddenly and with a great shudder I feel her cum on my face.

I was surprised but happily so and soon I’m licking up every last trace of her juices. Everything feeling so very wonderful. Finally she has me stand and I wonder what use I am being put to next. More sex? Cleaning? Cooking? Whatever it is I will obey. I smile as she walks over to me. Her eyes roaming over my body. I open my mouth to finally speak and she snaps her fingers… And all is gone again from my mind.

“Now why would I let you speak when I know what other uses that tongue has?” Goddess asked rhetorically knowing I’m in no position to answer.

I’m a zombie whore slutty puppet on a string, when Goddess has my mind I don’t worry about a thing…

  1. Goddess Cathy Venus 6 years ago

    very nice

  2. mat 6 years ago

    Very interesting. Well written too

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