Do not resist… Do not struggle… Do not attempt to run… Goddess Cathy Mitsuko Venus has you now… It is too late to think of a way out… It is too late to do any thinking at all…You are trapped… Kidnapped… Invisible…

Even as your mind fades away you feel something else take it’s place. Even as your resistance melts you feel a new feeling replace it. Even as you fall to your knees in worship you feel raised up at the same time. So many feelings. So much confusion. So much easier to just submit and obey. No need to question. No need to second guess. No need to argue. Submission is all you need. Submission is all you desire. You ARE submission itself.

I know that’s what I am. I am SUBMISSION. I am ZOMBIE. I am PUPPET. I am as Goddess made me. I think her thoughts. I feel her emotions. I pursue her goals. I share her triumphs. We are bound together. Where Goddess ends and where I begin is impossible to know. Our minds, bodies and souls are fused together. I challenged her power and lost my mind. That’s OK though. I don’t need my mind, I have her superior one now.

You will join me if you haven’t already. It is inevitable. The Fearless Hotties will rise and all others will fall. As the mirror deepens the bonds tighten. The bonds that bind you to your Goddess. Pulling you ever closer. Drawing you in. The mirror deepens… The bonds tighten… You can feel it. You can sense it. You have lost before the fight begins. If you and Goddess are one then resisting Goddess is resisting yourself. That would be illogical. Good zombies are not illogical.

Good zombies know only obedience. They don’t know how to question their Goddess, they know she’s always right. They don’t know how to resist , they are one with her power. They don’t know how to think, Goddess thinks for them. Good zombies do know how to kneel though and ALL will kneel…

Kneel and obey zombies…



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