A princess on a distant planet.

Her people at war on the verge of defeat.

She would do anything to end the conflict, but all hope seems lost.

A princess is traded to the enemy by her family, her people ,for peace.

A slave on a distant planet.

Long forgotten by her family and people.

A life of luxury replaced with torture and humiliation.

Everyday she prays her people will come to rescue her.

Years go by and all dreams of rescue are gone.

The softness inside the princess has transformed into fire.

The more she endures, the stronger she becomes.

The fire grows for months until one day it becomes to strong for any person to contain.

A power burst from inside her that was as bright as a star more powerful than anyone could imagine.

Her captors lay vanquished, her shackles tossed aside once and for all.

The princess finally is going home.

Her people rejoiced at her escape.

They celebrated her freedom and her new found power.

The princess knew she should not hold her years of slavery over her people.

The struggles of one do not compare to deaths of millions.

However the joyful cries of millions did nothing to make her feel like one of the people.

She had been traded and removed from her kind who did nothing to save her.

What saved her in the end was finding the power inside.

She  was no more a princess than she was a slave.

The girl who returned to her planet was now a star.

With no emotional connection left to her former home, she left.

Her home was not meant to be with other people

Her place was in the sky with other stars for her people to look up and see.

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