You wait anxiously outside Her temple, waiting for Her powerful voice to grant you entrance.

“Why are you here?” She asks, looking down on you as you kneel.

“To serve and obey you Goddess” You respond, eyes lowered to the ground.

You know you are unworthy to gaze upon Her glory but the urge to look into Her deep hypnotic eyes is hard to resist. You repeat your mantras over and over in your head, you have been waiting all your life to meet the Goddess and you do not want to make a single wrong move.

“And what makes you worthy of such an honor?” Goddess asks you sternly as you hear Her tapping Her foot impatiently.

“I have studied your works for years my Goddess. I am ready to devote my entire being to you. I also bring your Greatness a tribute, I only hope it is fitting for you my Goddess” You tell Her as you bow lower and present your gift.

You place the large package in front of Her and you sense Her eyes burning into your mind as she considers you.

“Open it” She tells you simply.

You quickly open the box and pull out the black ankle boots you knew she had desired. You place them in front of Her and take a step back to allow Her to examine them.

“Nice, very nice my slave. You may enter” She tells you before turning gracefully and leaving the door open behind Her.

You smile happily and follow Her inside like the loyal puppet you are.

Your eyes feast on Her swaying hips and beautiful curly hair. She is the very embodiment of perfection and Her mere closeness seems to make the air go still and your breathing deepen.

You follow Her up a few steps and watch Her take Her place on an elaborate throne. Your eyes meet and you shiver at the power in Her gaze.

“Approach slave” She commands and you hastily move closer.


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