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    i would love to propose that we students of Goddess come up with a weekly time where we can all chat together about Her and all the amazing things we have been experiencing under Goddess’s tutelage. i imagine we all come from diverse backgrounds and our coming together under Her roof is more than coincidence. Please post your thoughts about this idea.

    • nice idea

    • we have the seal of approval from Goddess so let’s start getting this chat going 🙂 please post your preferred times (EST)……Goddess Cathy and Goddess Hitomi worked very hard to create this amazing home; it’s up to us to help make it even more special

    • Please excuse my late reply Michael. My preferred time would be around 11 AM EST on workdays … I guess that’s not an ideal time, but its the only (constant) time I have some privacy 🙁

      • Charlotte, no worries! i am the last person you need say sorry to. All that matters is Goddess and how we can best serve Her. If you can only make 11 AM then those of us who can participate should join you in chat at that time. Who knows, the more we chat, the greater the numbers will grow.

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