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The following is a very nice note I received from a new follower today:

“I’ve been listening to hypnosis about nine years now I think. I’m usually very good at going under, and have heard some horrible hypnotists and some very skilled ones. I have never heard anybody like You, Goddess Cathy. You are one of a kind, and I am thrilled that I have finally found You. One of my biggest complaints when it comes to almost all hypnodommes work is it revolves around sex. Even the best of those I’ve listened to always bring it to sex and I have a very hard time finding anything that isn’t sex related. So the sessions I have gravitated to the most are the love type. Many of those aren’t about sex, but sensual feelings so it was better than nothing. That’s why I named my account love addict. So when I looked to listen to somebody I went to the love/mind control/brainwashing areas, and hoped to find something worth repeated listenings. That’s what drew me to You, Your saying You won’t do audio porn, only real hypnosis. I found out on Tuesday that Your hypnosis is what I’ve been searching for, for nine years. I can’t believe how good it felt having You inside my mind. I have never truly believed in brainwashing or mind control, but the dream I’ve always had was that one day I’d find somebody who could really take control. No role playing, pretending that it’s working, but really take over. I’m beginning to believe that I found that person in You. I have bought all of Your advanced studies, Your xp studies, and the videos to Your first three sessions. I’m not big on videos usually, but they are short, and I’ll be able to watch them on days I can’t lie down and listen to full studies. I’m not sure when I’ll move onto the advanced studies, but it won’t be
until told to do so by You, or I feel Your first three sessions have had the
proper time to take hold. I don’t feel the need to listen to any other hypnotist anymore. It makes no sense to me to waste time with others when You are out there. My hypnosis time from now on goes to You, and only You. ”

…. and that’s what it’s all about <3

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  1. PAMELA 4 years ago

    I like

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