Goddess Cathy Venus – The Puppetry – Exhibition of a Hypno Slave (mp3)

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To continue your programming with Me, this is fourth step. You must obey and study this file with all the effort and devotion that you showed in the mandatory studies. (For all Genders) (mp3)

The Puppetry will transform the subject into a well-controlled, unabashed puppet, and will create and reinforce a sense of devotion. This is pure, deep, restraintive hypnosis that will teach the subject his/her use as a marionette for Goddess Cathy. Pay no attention to the strings, puppet, you are safe at home with Goddess Cathy! (length 21 min) high quality 256 mp3

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3 reviews for Goddess Cathy Venus – The Puppetry – Exhibition of a Hypno Slave (mp3)

  1. Michael Friend

    Yes, the file lives up to its title. The subject is taken very deep and given purpose in Goddess Cathy’s life. Any hesitation to serve Goddess and to conform to Her will is wiped away. For those serious in their desire to be controlled by Goddess, this file is a must!

  2. jazrev

    This a wonderful file for those who are familiar with the Trilogy (the Ensconcing, the Gift & the Entrapment) and are curious, thirsty for more. You will not be disappointed. Goddess Cathy’s enticing hypnotic logic brings the theme of the file, the Puppetry, to life. And it is definitely a file to come back to again and again. It delightfully feeds the desire to accept Goddess Cathy’s control.

  3. joe

    I was itching to listen to The Puppetry from the moment I started listening to Goddess Cathy’s Trilogy, I even bought it at the same time, but I waited until I was ready, and sure am glad I did. The Puppetry is another great session by Goddess Cathy. She really takes control in this one, and I never want that control back again. It belongs to Goddess Cathy. Listen to this file and you’ll understand what I mean. Better yet, listen to ALL of Her files. You’ll soon know you found The One just as I did.

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