Site Rules


1. Goddess Cathy is the supreme authority of the site and the final arbiter of membership. Period.

2. Be honest about your gender. Posers will be banished. (we have a variety of choices)

3. No multiple profiles. One profile per member. Multiple profiles will result in all profiles being suspended.

4. Inactivity on the site for 30 days will result in notification. Lack of reply to the notification will result in suspension from the site.

5. Be truthful about your location in your profile. Lies will not be tolerated and will result in suspension or removal from the site.

6. Anyone blocking or un-friending Goddess Cathy on Facebook or other websites will be removed from


1. Be positive and proactive. Please don’t issue negative comments or statements in the chatroom about our site or about its members. If you have any complaints or criticisms, please contact our Admins using the on-site messaging system. (send message, NOT instant/private messages)

2. We enforce a strict no drama policy. This means that members initiating, prolonging, or exacerbating drama, aka dramatic or emotional exhibitionism, will be first warned, then removed from the site.

Chat Room

1. When entering the chat room, show respect and courtesy by not interrupting the current conversation with your greetings. Here at we don’t overly value greeting every single name in a room. It’s often superfluous and creates a situation whereby certain members who may be more sensitive than others, will feel neglected if not told hello or goodbye. Let’s all focus on the flow of conversational topics and preserve that flow. Saying hello and goodbye are polite niceties but let’s not go overboard with it as a focus.

2. When entering chat, do NOT interrupt an ongoing trance session with a greeting or other off-topic statement. Simply enter, remain quiet and observe, or join in harmoniously, until the trance ends.

3. Public fighting, belittling, insulting, or dramatic behavior will not be tolerated in chat. Moderators may enforce a temporary chatroom ban until a member has calmed down, and then may return.

4. If there is an issue or conflict in chat, please contact an Admin or Chat Moderators using the on-site messaging system. (send message, NOT instant/private messages)

5. Polite discussion with respect for all who read the chat is paramount. Arguments whereby a members religious or political views are offended are forbidden.


Regarding Goddess Cathy

1. Goddess Cathy is the owner, creator, and financial backing behind this site. While worship and adoration of Goddess Cathy is not required to be a member here, any disrespect towards Her or the site in general will not be tolerated.

2. It is not Goddess Cathy’s role here to serve the membership with their site issues. Such tasks are handled by our Admin team. Bring all such issues to the team first, rather than to Cathy.

3. When in the chatroom, do not private message Goddess Cathy. If interested She will pm you. She prefers all questions/chat to be centered around the main chat.


Content Guidelines

 1. Highly political posts, be they visual, auditory, or written, can often cause hard feelings and discontent among members of the site. Bear in mind that this is a D/s playground, and not a political discussion group. If you must post something political, please be sure it does not cause harm and/or personal offense to another member, or it will be swiftly removed.




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