I seem to recall I sixteen or seventeen, my best friend happened to acquire a book about Ripley’s Believe it or Not. For those who aren’t familiar, Robert L. Ripley was a syndicated newspaper cartoonist, among other things, through much of the earliest twentieth century. His cartoons featured strange and unusual things he had picked up on his word travels. My friends book was an extensive collection of Ripley’s book.

Being a little unusual myself I suppose and having the heart of an explorer, I was always fascinated by such things and spent days pouring over that book. The was one thing in the book in particular that captured my attention, it was the drawing a symbol.

My memory is not clear enough to attempt to recreate or describe the symbol, what I do remember however was the caption with the image. It went something along the line of; “This symbol was used by the ancient tribes of Peru to induce hypnotic trance.”

Right then and there I felt as though I had found magic. From early in my life I had been developing a strong fascination for hypnosis. Mostly fueled by Saturday morning cartoons and the occasional TV show, I understood hypnosis to be something magical, something very powerful, and I so craved to feel what it was like.

I was certain, I had something right there on the page that could do the trick on me. After all if it worked on the ancient Peruvians, it just seemed logical that it would work on me. So while my friend sat in one corner of the room reading The Hobbit, I sat in another staring at that image for hours on end.

As much dedication I put into staring at that thing, nothing every happened. Perhaps my subconscious was freaked out about my friend having the ability to command me against my will, never mind he was completely oblivious to what I was doing. Or maybe I really was in trance, I mean I did stare at that object until I felt I might go blind. The point is I really didn’t feel any different, at least nothing to meet my expectations of something mystical.

Later on I became more educated about the state of trance, I realized there was nothing truly magical about the image, perhaps it was purely used as a point of focus or maybe it was more of a “Ripley’s Believe it Not.” I have since experienced what I am able to believe true trance. Itself is not magic in a supernatural way, although the feeling may be like magic.

In recent history I had a particularly magical experience during which I heard the words, “thoughts drift away like sweet morning dew, ensconced away in my kidnap room,” spoken by Goddess Cathy Venus. If you, the reader, have not experienced that magic, I’ll just say that it’s right at your finger tips, all you need do is some study.

The true magic there was coming to the realization that the hypnosis and trance parts are simply a gateway to something even more amazing.

Have a great day!


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