Sometimes I like to think of Goddess Cathy as a commanding general. Someone who gives orders and expects loyalty and obedience but also takes care of her troops as well. Like every relationship it goes two ways. We submit and in return she thinks for us and helps us feel nice and relaxed. All those pesky thoughts slipping away as we listen to or read her words.

Goddess is our commander and we are the soldiers. Soldiers do not need to question their orders, they simply trust that their orders are important and must be carried out. So many claim a faux-obedience. Where they get off on the idea of obeying yet when asked to refrain from speaking back they can’t help but argue. If asked to study the free sessions they think ‘I can’t be bothered’ and simply ignore their orders. In a real army those soldiers would be put on trial and punished for their disobedience and yet Goddess is merciful. She understands that people get in what they put out. Those that fail to truly obey deserve only pity for they will never know the true glory of her power.

The joy of letting her empty your mind and fill it with her own thoughts. The peace of knowing your place in the universe. The longing ache you feel when she is gone yet also knowing she is still with you. Her power slowly eating away at your brain and programming its replacement. Seeds planted deep in your mind and taking root. Stretching throughout your mind. Touching every part of you until every thought is altered and changed by Goddess. Eventually you begin to lose track of which thoughts are yours and which are hers. There is no difference though. Goddess is the commander and you are the soldier. Your minds are one, your body is a simple vessel of her will. Your mind is locked away. Kidnapped. Trapped. Invisible.

With every passing moment you feel the roots spread through your mind. Your body in an ecstasy of joy as you feel the pleasure of TRUE surrender. To all those who know only the fantasy of obedience they will never understand but YOU do. YOU know what it’s like to feel your mind drained away. Feeling Goddesses words eating away at your will, your freedom, your independence. Eaten away until nothing remains but to kneel. To kneel in front of the all conquering general, Goddess Cathy.

Goddess Cathy always wins. The conqueress who conquers the minds of all she meets. Turning mere mortals into brainless soldiers. Eager to please. Needing to obey. Knowing only submission to their Goddess. Marching onwards at her command to feast on the minds of their fellow humans. Goddesses power growing with each new mind consumed. As more and more join us the stronger she grows. The stronger she grows the more will join. An endless cycle of growing power and control in which you are forever trapped.

She is your Goddess and your general. You are her worshipper and her soldier.

I am her soldier

My empty mind is nice and clear

Goddess owns me now

  1. Goddess Cathy Venus 6 years ago

    wonderful x

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