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Once upon a time a very select few people began trying out hypnosis for erotic fun amongst each other. There was even an irc chat called EH, dedicated to this small group of folks who simply loved the concept of it. It was fun. Then a few women who were well-respected began to perform scripts written by some of these gentleman, and perhaps some women even composed scripts of their own. Soon a few rose to the top of this group of people, and even began to make some money for services rendered, but they never forgot the community from whence they came. Once word got around that there was money being made, in walks a bunch of disrespectful phone sex rejects who saw a chance to make a few bucks because their real faces were far too ugly to do much more than phone sex. They found out about “Erotic Hypnosis” and that cat never quite got back into that bag… These whores pillaged the scene and ruined it and transformed the gentle art of Hypnosis into a completely bastardized version of “audio porn”. The, one day the messiah came…… with 6 sentences on a simple yahoo status message, all these whores went wild, the well-constructed NLP of this messiah threw these whores into a state of panic, into an hypnotically induced tizzy, and a new STAR WAS BORN ~ Venus is that star. Suck on that bitches! xoxo

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  1. Michael Friend 7 years ago

    All should be on their knees in reverence to Goddess Cathy. She is the one and there is no other!

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