Earlier this year, for the first time, Goddess Cathy Venus presented a live video performance trance study called The Transfixion. However, due to popular demand, She has now produced a full-length audio version as well. This audio study features an intense eye fixation induction, with soft meditative music, with the subject’s choice of 5 different animated Goddess Cathy “eye” gifs to stare into, using your web browser, as you become so deeply tranced by Goddess Cathy’s voice. As always the trance has triggers from the original trilogy (3 free studies are on YouTube), as well as from other studies. The more you have studied, the deeper the effects will be. The subject will try to resist but of course, as always Goddess Cathy will win, as Her eyes will draw all the power out of the subject’s body and mind, until he/she is left a deeply hypnotized, zombified mess! The Transfixion is simply put, pure, hard-slammingly overwhelming hypnotic mind control at its deepest.

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