As Francesca entered the room belonging to her Goddess she was both excited and aroused. Her mind had been playing over the possibilities ever since her Goddess had invited her to see her later, alone.

The last time they had been alone together their wrists had been handcuffed together and her Goddess has grinded Francesca to an explosive orgasm. Francesca had resisted as best she could but in the end Goddess had won.

With that memory fresh in her mind she entered her Goddesses private chambers to find the object of her devotion was sitting on the bed with a blanket over her waist and legs.

“If you’re cold my Goddess I could warm you up” Francesca told her teasingly.

“Take off your clothes” Goddess said commandingly, ignoring Francesca’s tease.

“No cuddling first?” Francesca giggled.

Her hands responded to the command like a puppet on a string. First removing her top and bra then her jeans. She hadn’t worn any panties.

“Tell me zombie. Are you going to be a good marionette?” Goddess asked her.

Francesca’s mind felt as though it was suddenly filled with static as Goddess said the trigger. She was half-way through a nod when she caught herself and smirked.

“I can be a good girl. I can be a bad girl too” She said cockily.

Goddess smirked and removed the blanket from her legs and stood up. She was fully naked and around her Goddesses waist was a large pink strap-on.

Before Francesca could ask about that however Goddess had another revelation. She walked over to something covered in a sheet at the foot of her bed and pulled the sheet down. This revealed a large mirror perfectly placed to reflect the bed.

Goddess smirked at her again before moving closer and pulling Francesca’s hair back and moving her lips to her ear.

“Oh only my plans matter right now my little marionette” Goddess whispered into Francesca’s ear.

“Mmmm…” Francesca moaned softly.

She felt Goddesses lips move to kiss her neck just as her hands moved to Francesca’s breasts.

“That’s right. No need to argue” Goddess purred softly.

“But arguing can be fun” Francesca giggled.

“We are one my slave. Arguing with me is arguing with yourself. That’s not logical now is it?” Goddess told Francesca as her fingers expertly teased her nipples.

“Mmmm… No Goddess” Francesca agreed.

“That’s better. No need to think. Goddess thinks for you” Goddess whispered seductively.

“Mmmm….” Francesca moaned.

“Good girl. Now get on the bed” Goddess ordered.

Francesca smiled as she moved onto the bed and layed on her back looking up at her Goddess.

“Not like that tonight slave. On all fours facing the mirror” Goddess told her.

“Why’s that Goddess?” Francesca asked.

Her body responded to the order however and even as she asked the question her body moved into her Goddesses desired position.

“What did I tell you about thinking?” Goddess asked.

“It’s fun?” Francesca teased.

Goddess Cathy moved behind her on the bed and Francesca felt the head of her toy against her leg. She resisted the urge to move back against it. Knowing how good it would feel to have it slide deep into her…

“Oh I do love that fighting spirit” Goddess said.

“Thank you Goddess” Francesca smiled into the mirror.

She hadn’t looked at it before but she could see herself in it very clearly. On all fours with her Goddess kneeling behind her. She looked up to the reflection of her Goddesses face and saw she had an evil grin. Francesca felt a moment of worry as to what her Goddess had planned before her programming kicked in.

“Goddess Cathy is home to me…” Francesca told herself softly.

“Good girl. Keep looking into the mirror… The mirror deepens…” Goddess told her.

“The bonds tighten” Francesca responded.

She felt her body lock into place. Her eyes now fixed on the reflection of her Goddesses smiling face.

“The mirror deepens…” Her Goddess repeated.

“The bonds tighten” Francesca responded.

“Mind is gone…” Goddess told her.

“Will is lost…” Francesca agreed.

Francesca was starting to get a funny feeling about the mirror she was looking it. The images seemed slightly distorted. As though instead of Goddess Cathy kneeling behind her her body seemed to be blended with hers. All mixed in together.

“Good girl. You want your Goddess to use you now don’t you my puppet?” Goddess asked.

“Mmmm yes! Please fuck me Goddess” Francesca pleaded.

“Look into the mirror and tell me what you see” Goddess ordered.

“I see me on all fours and you kneeling behind me” Francesca replied.

“No you don’t” Goddess smirked.

Francesca was about to respond when she felt Goddess slide her toy deep into her wet pussy. Her reply became a submissive moan as she felt it enter her and her Goddesses hands gripped her waist.

Francesca’s eyes hungrily drank in her Goddesses body. From her perfect breasts to the way her hands gripped her waist tightly and then up to those beautifully powerful eyes.

“Tell me what you see my puppet” Goddess asked again.

“I see myself on-” Francesca started.

“Wrong again!” Goddess smirked as she slammed inside Francesca’s pussy.

“Fuuuck!” Francesca moaned happily as her Goddess began to make slow deep thrusts inside her.

“What do you see?” She asked again.

Francesca took a moment before answering. She looked into the mirror with a frown. All she could see was herself and her Goddess behind her… Or could she? The image was becoming more blurred to her by the moment.

“It’s all… It’s all blurry” Francesca told her in confusion.

“Good. Won’t be long now” Goddess said with an evil smile.

“What won’t be long?” Francesca asked.

“Oh you’ll find out. What do you see my marionette?” Goddess asked.

Francesca moaned at the trigger and the feel of her Goddesses toy inside her.

“Blurry…” She responded.

Goddess repeated the question many times as she fucked her little concubine. Each time Francesa found the question more difficult to answer. She worried she was losing her vision. The longer she continued to stare into the mirror the less she could see clearly. The area around it was clear but the mirror was becoming all swirly and more blurred.

“Relax your mind my slave. Clear your thoughts. No need to resist. No need to argue…” Goddess told her.

“No need to argue” Francesca responded.

She saw herself moaning and gasping as she was used. Her Goddesses breasts swaying slightly as she fucked her puppet.

“Good… No thoughts… No mind… No will… No identity…” Goddess continued.

“No identity…” Francesca repeated.

The image was becoming clearer now but something was off… It was as though Goddess was being reflected in it twice

“You are not yourself. You are me and we are one. You cannot resist me because you are me” Goddess told her.

“We… We…” Francesca moaned as she felt herself slipping away.

“Yes. Not I. We. We are one” Goddess told her.

“But… How… We… I mean I…” Francesca responded in confusion.

“What do you see in the mirror slave?” Goddess asked again.

“I see… You… Twice…” Francesca responded amongst her loud moans.

“Very good!” Goddess smiled happily.

Francesca could see clearly now but surely something was wrong. She no longer saw Goddess fucking Francesca. She saw Goddess fucking… A clone? A copy of herself? It made no sense.

“Don’t understand” Francesca whimpered.

“No need to think. No need to argue. Mind is gone. Will is lost” Goddess told her.

“Mmmmm….” Francesca replied.

“We are one. One mind. One will. Two bodies. You are me” Goddess told her.

“I… I am you…” Francesca responded.

It sounded strange yet made so much sense… She looked into her own reflection and saw Goddesses powerful eyes reflected instead of her own…

“Yes. One mind. One will. Two bodies” Goddess told her.

Her thrusting increased in speed. The arousal keeping Francesca’s weakened mind from processing any method to argue. She couldn’t think. She couldn’t resist. She could just feel the remnants of her identity slip away.

“One mind. One will. Two bodies” Francesca agreed.

She could see it now. How foolish she had been. Of course she was one with her Goddess. It all made sense…

“Good girl… Francesca is a mask you wear for the world… Your true self is my self. Your true mind is my mind. Your true will is my will” Goddess explained.

“Mmmm… Yessss” She moaned in response.

“What do you see?” Goddess asked.

Francesca looked into the mirror and finally saw the truth. She saw what was really there to see.

“I see you, the original Goddess, and I see me, an extension of you” She explained.

“Very good! Now cum!” Goddess commanded.

Francesca gasped loudly. Her body shaking and shuddering as she cummed hard. The remnants of her identity vanishing amidst the pleasure and control of her Goddess…

Goddess Cathy pulled out slowly and Francesca stayed in place. Staring at her reflection and seeing her Goddess reflected back at her.

“Who are you?” Goddess Cathy asked.

“I am you Goddess” Francesca responded.

“Good. Come to me now” Goddess Cathy commanded.

Francesca moved around on the bed and moved to straddle her Goddesses waist. The toy inches from her soaked pussy.

“Yes Goddess?” Francesca asked.

“You understand now don’t you?” Goddess asked as she reached up and played with her puppets breasts.

“Yes Goddess. One mind. One will. Two bodies” Francesca nodded.

“Good. Now pleasure me” Goddess ordered.

Francesca moved her head between her Goddesses legs and gently removed the toy. Goddess spread her legs wide and felt Francesca’s tongue slide gently along it.

“Mmmm!” Francesca gasped as she felt the same sensation on her own pussy.

It made sense of course. They were one mind so pleasuring Goddess would pleasure herself too.

“Ohh I’m going to enjoy this…” Goddess smiled as she looked down at her little clone.

So many plans so little time…


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