I dont have a wild life and maybe other call me boring. I heard some say things like that at work and along my so called friends wispering about me too. I am as i am maybe i am a loner and doing things my own way. I feel lonely sometime thats true and im always able listen at music i like or what ever i love to listen at. See it music give much eotion for me and when i am in a special mood i listen at the music fits with it. Now im listen at Amy Winehouse .. i knew she was good but she is even better than i been realizing before. I love the song hearing now “Fuck me pumps” and singing now “Don’t be mad at me ’cause your pushing thirty,  And your old tricks no longer work,  You should have known from the jump that you always get dumped, So dust off your fuck me pumps” Just good and we would understand each other so well. Music yes music puts me into a special mood.
Last night i was alone aswell but on friday’s i sometimes go to a bar close by and hope the bar stool next to me isn’t empty. In the bar they play often music from French artist and thats nice and very special so i love to go there. The girl behind the bar remembered me and gave me a white wine as what i order normaly i smiled at he. She asked how i was and we talked for long about anything.  i asked if she could play the song “Buenas noches mi amor” from Dalida. It is one of my favorits artist and as i was caugth by the rythm of the music i didn’t noticed a lovely woman was sitting next to me. A lovely woman with a lovley mysterious smile i saw later and she started to talk to me as her voice did make me weak. So soft and senual her voice was as she started  howshe like some frecnh songs too special some old songs and the journeys she has made. the french songs was some what made us bound together and we could share journeys together and as she kept talking i listened at her voice i saw her no our reflexion in the mirror and it was as her voice was getting into me .. yes and she told me it was ok when i wouldnt think to much but just listen at her voice and about the journey into a what could be  a dream.
i was happy i decided to visit the bar cause i felt so good listen at her voice and as i felt her words getting into my ears and my brain was getting the meaning of the word but my consious mind didnt my eyes only saw how her lips moved and the sound of her voice was thrilling. Come with me she said as she lead me by the hand her soft hand. Now i was aware of her smell of her perfume so magical. She lead me to the subway and i followed her steps. Our heels clicked and i followed her like a puppet well normalynot my style but this felt so good and her words made me feel warm inside. as she knew what i was thinking she wisphered in my ear follow me puppet. i smiled as i got a little shy for being caughed for my thoughts and softy said yes ma’am. she corrected me and i told her yes Goddes. As we left the subway we entered the building and instead we took the elevator up to her appartment as i expected we stepped the stairs down. I followed Goddes down as she said some about obey going deeper. I felt so happy following Goddess downstairs down into the basement and as Goddess kept talking to me i felt so happy and as we where down i felt home. Not sure what happend but what the heck i felt home and not alone .. so why care for what happend and being happy to serve and obey … a old song was echoing in my mind “Non, rien de rien
Non, je ne regrette rien; Ni le bien qu’on m’a fait; Ni le mal, tout ça m’est bien égal” …


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