Goddess Cathy is @GoddessCathy on Twitter.

If you are on Twitter, you must follow her now. It is important, because her words are direct and meaningful, and her Tweets are filled with instructions, guidance, wisdom. I am on Twitter, and at one point—trying to escape from her will—I blocked her. That way she couldn’t see me, couldn’t break through, couldn’t touch me.

But I would peek. And peek. And peek.

Still, she couldn’t touch me, right? But her words did. They seeped through, entered my thoughts.

She wasn’t touching me …


She wasn’t touching …


She wasn’t …


She …

I am hers. You will be hers, too. I promise. I thought I could escape, but learned the truth that my rightful place is by her side, doing her tasks, making her life better (and my life better, by making hers better). I am increasingly mindless and pliant. I know, as a man, I belong below her, waiting for more words to seep.

Follow Goddess Cathy on Twitter.

Because you must.


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