I have returned these past few evenings to the rich and piquant trance sessions of Goddess Cathy Venus, with Her latest recording, The Reinforcement.  As I have found with all Her previous sessions, I experienced a solidly structured, superbly produced recording; all based on the foundation of a wonderfully crafted script.  Tight and vibrant throughout, it builds eloquently on Her previous sessions and left me with a most engaging sense of progression and achievement.

Whilst to enhance Her ‘Inception’ and ‘Puppetry’ recordings it was advised that one experienced Her three studies found on YouTube, (The Ensconcing, The Gift, and The Entrapment), with the Reinforcement it really is a pre-requisite.  It has however, been a long time since I last listened to these three studies, so it is testament to them and their creator that I was so swiftly able to reconnect with the familiar suggestions, triggers and mantras woven so skilfully throughout.

Once more I found the recording levels and general production values to be top class; the vocals are just so easy to follow.  The rhythmic sound of the waves clashing in the background are always a favourite of mine on trance recordings, it just seems to work so well as to give the session a natural cadence, and momentum.  The soft music and reinforcement whispers employed complement the waves elegantly to create an engaging and stimulating underscore.  Goddess Cathy’s vocals are impeccable as always.  But whilst there is no seductive theatrics, or lasciviousness to Her performance, it is all about the clarity, and in this She excels.   Her directness giving prominence to Her marvellous writing.

The unhurried induction gradually introduces previously used concepts and triggers from the aforementioned studies, the instant familiarity giving the whole experience a beautiful sense of intimacy and serenity.  The rigid structure of the deepeners, similar to the change in scenes found in Her mighty Inception recording are wonderfully executed, making for a comfortable and easy trance inducement.  One particular early stand-out moment for me was when Goddess Cathy began describing Her own voice using other senses like smell, touch, and taste.  The whole session came alive for me at that moment; the vivid and tactile descriptions invigorated my imagination, enhancing the whole experience considerably.

The return to the theme of the staircase, hand in hand, was as welcome as the intense warmth that accompanies Goddess Cathy’s voice.  The stark simplicity of the countdowns was also very much appreciated.  Proof that in stripping a countdown to its most basic and raw, one can produce strong and very effective trance drops.   The deepeners are so very well planned and written, that the resulting quality of trance is exceptional.  So very smooth, and so very comfortable, a real delight for the trance enthusiast.

I found the familiarity of the themes and concepts also added to the strength of the experience.  The mantras required participation which helped keep the session alive throughout.  Not a moment is wasted in this beautifully conceived session, and again, I can only commend Goddess Cathy for the forethought and effort She puts into Her writing.  There is also an underlying sense of fun to be found in Goddess Cathy’s sessions, especially in the mantras, this despite some of the strong concepts.

On the surface The Reinforcement is as the title suggests, but it is also so much more.  Suggestions of addiction, bondage, zombification, servitude and slavery all feature prominently throughout, whilst sensuality, arousal, love and Goddess worship are hinted at, if not directly referenced.  Creative, entertaining, engaging, and deeply effecting, I really enjoyed this session and will return to it many times.

My previous experience with Goddess Cathy led me to write this:

“…Her words, Her studies and Her warmth has me suddenly surrounded by mirrors and forced to interrogate my own reflection. Every little thing is now unbalanced, astray and disoriented. What was…is right, wrong? What is Goddess? Every word I’ve written now seems challenged and falls away. Each perceived desire, want, and need now questioned. I find myself unsteady, unsure of which way to turn. Her Warmth, oh god the warmth. It’s just that… She’s taken away my gravity.”

 Now I find once more that I am left filled with the most intense warmth, a broad smile, and one sentence that I cannot seem to let go … ‘Yes to Goddess Cathy… Yes, yes, yes.’



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